Vega Records

Be Free

Steal Vibe & Jon Pierce

$9.99 Album
$9.99 Album
$9.99 Album
Be Free (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)
Be Free (Louie Vega Remix TV)
Be Free (Louie Vega Remix Instrumental)
Be Free (Louie Vega Ritual Beats)
Be Free (Steal Vybes Original Mix)
Be Free (Steal Vybes Original Instrumental Mix)
Be Free (Chris Forman Alternate NYC Mix)
Be Free (Chris Forman Alternate NYC Instrumental Mix)
Be Free (Chris Forman Dubstripped Reprised Mix)
Be Free (Chris Forman Alternate NYC Radio Edit Mix)
Be Free (Chris Forman Alternate Beats)
Be Free (Steal Vybes Orignal Beats)


Steal Vybe Presents Jon Pierce “Be Free” is house music in its purest form with a focus on deep lyrics, sexy rhythm and meaningful message. Chris Forman & Damon Bennett better known as Steal Vybe for the past 10 years are responsible for countless house hits and “Be Free“ will undoubtedly be one of their best.

“Hello tomorrow, the future is in your hands, we can all BE FREE” just a small piece of the beautiful lyrics and the touching message Jon Pierce conveys in each and every note he sings. Jon Pierce, the Chicago born singer/songwriter has already experienced immense success performing around the world including Germany, the UK and Tokyo. His
soulful baritone voice takes the message of “Be Free” to new heights that inspire djs and dancers alike and keep the spirit of house music beating around the world.

Once the original “Be Free” was created Chris Forman still had more to give to this moving track so he created additional remixes. “Be Free” Chris Forman Alternate NYC mix is how Forman honors the house scene of NYC, giving the beat some additional depth and a touch of darkness to set the mood. “Be Free” Chris Forman Dubstripped Reprised Mix is
Forman's response to those who love house music but also enjoy a faster pace. Forman has everyone in mind with “Be Free” and to make sure the music and the message reaches everyone Louie Vega enters with a remix all his own.

“Be Free” Louie Vega Remix has been created in true Vega fashion, including live congas by none other than Luisito Quintero, one of EOL's shining stars and an innovator of percussion. Touched by the message of “Be Free” and moved by the sentiment in Jon Pierce's vocals, Vega twists the melody and beat to create a flawless remix.

“I really wanted to spotlight the vocals across this remix but I couldn't ignore the moving melody so I found my balance and worked it“ says Vega about how he approached this remix.
Steal Vybe Presents Jon Pierce “Be Free” is new house music created in the spirit and light of all the music that came before it with a remix to fit every dance floor! We hope you enjoy the track as much as we enjoyed it, so here we bring you “Be Free“!


Steal Vybe Presents Jon Pierce "Be Free"
Publishing Info: Chris Forman (Chris Cee Rule Forman Music, ASCAP), John Pierce Talyor (Creators-Child Music, ASCAP)
Written & Produced By: Chris Forman/Damon Bennett of Steal Vybe & Jon Pierce
All Music, Percussion, Drum Programming, Written & Produced By: Chris Forman & Damon Bennett
All Lead, Background Vocals Written & Performed By: Jon Pierce
Additional Background Vocals By: Stephanie Renee
Recorded & Mixed At: 305 the woods studio, 305 Algonquin Trail Browns Mills, NJ
Steal Vybe Presents Jon Pierce "Be Free" (Louie Vega Remix)
Publishing Info: Chris Forman (Chris Cee Rule Forman Music, ASCAP), John Pierce Talyor (Creators-Child Music, ASCAP), Luis F. Vega (Niconane Music, BMI)
Remixed By: Louie Vega
Mix & Recording Engineer: Yas Inoue
Live Congas: Luisito Quintero
Mixed & Recorded At: Daddy's Workshop, NJ
Mastered By: Walter Coehlo Masterpiece, London UK