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Bem Ma Mi


$3.99 Album
$3.99 Album
$3.99 Album
Bem Ma Mi (Main Mix) (Louie Vega Remix)
Bem Ma Mi (Main Instrumental) (Louie Vega Mix)
Bem Ma Mi (Long Version Mix) (Louie Vega Mix)
Bem Ma Mi (Long Version Instrumental) (Louie Vega Mix)
Bem Ma Mi (Dub) (Louie Vega Mix)
As worldwide hype continues to build surrounding the forthcoming release of Anané's debut album 'Ananésworld', Tommy Boy Records invite one and all for an early adventure into Anané's world through the release – on both 12" vinyl and in digital format - of 'Bem Ma Mi'. A worldly and heartfelt song demonstrating Anané's international appeal, 'Bem Ma Mi' eschews the culture and spirit of Anané's homeland off the Western coast of Africa in the Cape Verdean capital Santiago. Lush, tropical beats blend seamlessly with varied instrumentation, culminating in a truly international release that is sure to endear the beautiful and multi-talented Anané to an ever- increasing legion of fans. Featuring an all-star collaborative cast including Grammy Award-winning DJ-producer Louie Vega on production duties, 'Bem Ma Mi's' appeal is further bolstered through the efforts of several acclaimed and world-renowned musicians, all anchored of course by the sweet, sensual lead vocals of Anané, an artist Billboard Magazine calls 'a face to watch'. Elements Of Life's own Luisito Quintero contributes his own unmistakable live percussion and drums, Junito Davila features on keyboard, while Gene Perez and Ricardo Ramos shine on electric bass and electric guitar respectively. Elsewhere, Dominic Kanza chips in on caviquin duties, while those beautiful, smooth and infectious horns are courtesy of Joe Fiedler and Jose Davila, with Raul Agraz on flugal horn. The 12” vinyl release is set to be a mainstay in DJ boxes worldwide following its release on 18 July. Whether it's the Main Mix, Long Version or slightly tougher Dub Mix, 'Bem Ma Mi' is the full package and will fast establish itself as a must-have for DJs and music lovers alike! The first full release single from Anané's debut album 'Ananésworld', 'Bem Ma Mi' is just one of many musicals styles present on the new release. Featuring elements of jazz, soul, R&B, world, reggae, salsa, House, Latin, rock, downtempo and nearly everything in between, 'Ananésworld' is set to break all boundaries following its release on Tommy Boy; be welcomed into Anané's world NOW and get your hands on 'Bem Ma Mi' today!