Vega Records

Book One

Adam Rios

$4.99 Album
$4.99 Album
$4.99 Album
Love Taught Me (Vocal Mix)
Love Taught Me (Instrumental)
Distant Chords
Deep Teck

(July 2013)

(NEW YORK) _ Rooted deep in NYC’s soulful House music scene, DJ and producer Adam Rios lends his touch to the next chapter in clubland culture with the Book One EP, an astoundingly well-crafted set of new releases on Vega Records.
Rios brings a lot of clout to the table perfecting the legendary Club Shelter sound alongside heavyweight Timmy Regisford for years, engineering and co-producing dance anthems and remix essentials like At the Club featuring Lynn Lockamy and Jill Scott’s Running Away.
“It’s an honor to have the EP picked up by Vega Records,” says Rios, whose Sunday Session EP with Ruben Toro also was released on the Vega imprint.
The native New Yorker gives nothing less than expected now and unleashes a percussive string of hits on the Book One EP, which introduces four transcendent tracks celebrating electronic music and taking listeners on a rhythm-driven sonic journey.
“This EP is a collection of different vibes ... a little soulful, a little tech. I just try to make the people move and feel the music,” Rios says. “I try to produce things that I would want to hear on the floor ...You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can find ways to jazz it up and make it your own for the moment.”

Book One wouldn’t be a complete package without Tia Holt’s infectious club jam, Love Taught Me, co-written by the inspirational SuSu Stewart. Both edits, Instrumental and Vocal Mix, shine as Rios reignites a beautifully composed song full of personality and up-tempo funkiness.

Delivering more than enough bump and grind, DJs will keep Deep Tech 5 and Distant Chords high on their playlist. These thumping grooves are poised for heavy rotation and main room play extremely loud and clear on a quality sound system. Rios refines key elements to elevate warm basslines and addictive loops that make everything feel good to the ear. He connects with the crowd, knowing when to turn up the heat and when to hold back on each smoldering track for that peak-time punch.

“I started as an intern at West End Records and then started working at DownTown 161 … then managed to find my way to the Shelter on 39th Street as a sound tech,” Rios explains. “I feel as if it’s just a part of me ... It’s like I go hang out with good people and learn the craft as a producer and DJ. I just enjoy what I do.”


Adam Rios feat. Tia Holt "Love Taught Me"
Publishing Info: Big Will & Susu (Big Will & Susu Music Group, ASCAP), Adam Rios (ADRS Music, ASCAP), Luis F. Vega (Niconane Music, BMI)
Written By: Big Will & Susu
Produced By: Adam Rios
Keys By: Sean Lucas
Performed By: Tia Holt
Executive Producer: Louie Vega

Adam Rios "Deep Tec 5"
Publishing Info: Adam Rios (ADRS Music, ASCAP), Luis F. Vega (Niconane Music, BMI)
Produced By: Adam Rios
Organ Solo By: Tiger Wilson
Executive Producer: Louie Vega

Adam Rios feat. Tiger Wilson on Keys "Distant Chords"
Publishing Info: Adam Rios (ADRS Music, ASCAP), Luis F. Vega (Niconane Music, BMI)
Produced By: Adam Rios
Keys By: Tiger Wilson
Executive Producer: Louie Vega