Vega Records

Eccentric Neighborhood EP

Ricky L

$2.58 Album
$2.58 Album
$2.58 Album
Tannis Roots
"Eccentric neighborhood EP"

Vega Records is proud to present "Eccentric neighborhood EP", RICKY L featuring the tracks TANNIS ROOT and PENDANT, two tracks that sound and feel larger then life.

RICKY L the long time resident DJ of club RED ZONE (Perugia/Italy) comes together with VEGA RECORDS to present us with TANNIS ROOT &  PENDANT, two tracks worth of the massive dance floor of RED ZONE, a true staple for house music overseas for well over 20 years.  RED ZONE is that club that makes DJ careers, one of the longest running venues for HOUSE MUSIC in Italy, they have hosted only the best of the best DJs and RICKY L embodies that tremendous honor in everything he does, including this release.

RICKY L gives us some serious depth with minimal intros and deep beats pulsing through out every second of these tracks.  TANNIS ROOT will send chills down the spins of any and every dancer.  It comes in low 
and dark to open into an infectious rhythm with deep vocals that feel
stronger then your very own heart beat.  PENDANT captures the essence of a dance floor that's been pumping for hours, pure energy pulsing through each beat.  These tracks have stripped away all the unnecessary extras, leaving only a clean and crisp combination of deep and hard hitting MUSIC.  This is HOUSE MUSIC that will fuel an entire dance floor to erupt and beg for more! 

RICKY L has not only captured the feeling of the infamous RED ZONE today but has transcended time with these two sure fire hits, both TANNIS ROOT & PENDANT have the raw energy of BIG ROOM dance floors from a time when HOUSE MUSIC was the ONLY MUSIC.  With his authentic sound and powerful beats RICKY L brings forth the sound that speaks for dance floors across the continents, from back in the day to today. This is HOUSE MUSIC that will make you dance till dawn!


Produced, Arranged & Mixed By: Ricky L for Adult Dance Music
Mastered By: Gianni Pannacci
Live Artwork By: M:ck
Executive Producer: Louie Vega