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Elements of Life: The Eclipse, set to be released on March 19th, 2013. The Elements Of Life band, along with Josh Milan (Blaze), Anane Vega, Luisito Quintero and other musical guests will perform a 2 hour show of songs from the new album Elements Of Life 'Eclipse', as well as Elements Of Life Original Classics. The band will begin a world tour to promote the album WINTER 2012, beginning in Durban, Johannesburg, South Africa and Mozambique. After the show, the party will open to the public (Depending on Venues), DJs will include Louie Vega, Anane Vega & Josh Milan (Blaze).



Elements of Life along with a host of talent, including a hand-picked nine-piece all star orchestra will perform a variety of styles: African, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Brazilian and World Music. 'I tailor-made the songs to each singer. Once they dropped lyrics on the grooves, the music was made to fit them like a glove' explains Vega.
The featured artists on the album are seasoned singer/songwriters Josh Milan and Anane Vega. Anane has been described as a modern-day Gal Costa, transferring lyrics from a song into her own emotional catharsis. Josh Milan of the seminal house producers Blaze has been compared to the late, great Donnie Hathaway and is an accomplished jazz keyboardist.
The band, along with Anane, Josh Milan, Luisito Quintero and friends will perform songs from the newly anticipated release, Elements of Life: The Eclipse, along with music/songs from the Original Elements Of Life Debut album.

'This album is a tribute to all women, bringing together a colleague of female talent from many genres of music today, and also conveys a strong message to the Children Of The World', explains the prolific producer and Grammy Award winner, Louie Vega. Still keeping the EOL sound of the original with artists Josh Milan and Anané Vega, it now explores and pays respect to the rare grooves and r&b good feel vibes with Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle. Ursula Rucker and Oveous Maximus (reknowned poets) tell the story with their unique style of spoken word and create the glue to bring the variety of music together. It’s a double album taking you on a trip from the streets of NYC/Puerto Rico to Brazil, Africa all the way to the islands of Ibiza and everywhere in between!

Producer/DJ/label owner Louie Vega continues to raise the standards of contemporary music. Vega's newest full-length offering promises a multi-cultural, multi-layered musical experience - offering hope of a "Brand New Day" while exploring and celebrating the many Elements of Life.


Disc 1

01 Balance In All Things by Elements of Life
02 Canto De Ochosi by Elements of Life
03 Celebrate by Elements of Life
04 I Dream A World by Elements of Life
05 Most Beautiful by Elements of Life
06 Children Of The World by Elements of Life
07 Barbara Ann by Elements of Life
08 Overtake Don Overtake Overtake (Instrumental) by Elements of Life
09 Sodade by Elements of Life
10 Love Is You by Elements of Life
11 This Is Us by Elements of Life
12 Berimbau by Elements of Life
13 Harlem River Drive by Elements of Life
14 Live Your Life For Today by Elements of Life
15 I’m A Woman, I’m A Queen by Elements of Life
16 I Believe In Miracles by Elements of Life
17 You Came Into My Life by Elements of Life

Disc 2
18 EOL Soulfrito by Elements of Life
19 Draggin’ My Heels by Elements of Life
20 You Came Into My Life (Louie Vega Roots NYC Remix) by Elements of Life
21 Children Of The World (Louie Vega Roots NYC ALbum Remix) by Elements of Life
22 Overtake Don Overtake Overtake (Roots Vocal Mix) by Elements of Life
23 This Is Us (Louie Vega Roots Long Version) by Elements of Life
24 Pastime Paradise by Elements of Life