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Anané and Louie Vega’s latest album is the first installment of their conjoined musical experience on the decks, Sunset Ritual. On land, Sunset Ritual is a half-day conceptual party at beach clubs where both artists dee-jay simultaneously, combining live entertainment from their musical peers to bring their favorite global sounds to the ears of their dancing fans worldwide. Anané describes the experience in the following, “Depending on what we play and the direction we go in musically, that is what sets the tone for the party. We feed off of each other, but we get to express ourselves individually.” Louie shares how the audience benefits from this distinct chemistry, “The fact that I’m doing this with my life partner, it brings out something special, the way the music is played, and the sentiment we have for each other, the crowd feels that.” These two artists come together as one during their live Sunset Ritual performances and this chemistry extends to their 2014 double CD / DVD release  featuring Anané mixing on CD 1, Louie taking on the responsibilities for CD 2. The DVD contains scenes captured from past Sunset Ritual festivities. 


Upon listening to the Sunset Ritual CD /DVD, it’s immediately evident that these two artists are masters at creating vibes that are distinct to them, yet can meld together in a frictionless manner. Their energy works together in a special way and the sum is truly better than the individual pieces. Anané beautifully describes the dynamics between them two, “There are moments while djing together, between all this new technology, we got it going for a minute or two, and we just look at each other and it’s just this feeling of wow that was hot.” The DVD captures some of those moments while providing priceless commentary from the artists themselves. 

The Sunset Ritual brand is Anané and Louie Vega coming together as one. Their parties take place at exclusive international beach clubs or resorts, start at dusk and continue until midnight. “You get the best of both - the day into the sunset and the night with stars shining above,” says Louie. The experience is unlike any other in that two DJs are playing simultaneously for the crowd while also providing a wonderful selection of live entertainment from top singers and musicians, with art also intertwined throughout the night. They don’t just click buttons; together, they put on a theatrical performance that brings out the music inside them, the music of the world, music that is good times, music that is smart and yet so sexy, music that frees the dance floor and its occupants. 

As soon as their music starts, you can feel ocean waves and a crisp sea breeze. You hear faint tipsy laughter. You feel sexy. It’s the Sunset Ritual experience in the comfort of your car, home, or headphones. The DVD experience even allows you to enjoy a combination of music while playing wonderful Sunset Ritual visuals on your home entertainment system at your next house party. 

CD 1 (mixed by Anané Vega) features compelling vocal samples that lift the music and give it an air of spirituality and optimism. Captivating synths and melodies brand the music in your memory, as diverse percussive arrangements drive the music forward. It’s the best in World Dance Music and Afro-tech sounds, which Anane’s imprint label Nulu (along with partner Antonello Coghe) and through their music releases helped pioneer and expose to the world at large. At times the percussive patterns berate you as you start thinking about sitting down, “Get up!!!,” they say. You oblige. The patterns are that compelling. The diversity in energy is astounding. As the music unites you with fellow partiers, spoken word samples invite you to unite with fellow humans and the world at large. 


“We rise up with grace, we rise up with bass. 

We rise up with grace, we rise up with bass. 

Every hand that ever played the drum is with us.

Every mouth that blew that note is with us. 

This is struggle music, this is survival music. 

This is shift the paradigm and justice music. 

This is liberation music, this is freedom music. 

Freedom music, struggle music. 

Freedom music, struggle music.”


CD 2 (mixed by Louie Vega) takes you to a diversity of destinations. The sounds of house are ever present with a mixture of disco vibes, dubs, jazz, deep house and Brazilian influences infused throughout. Louie also revisits his Nuyorican Soul days with Fania-inspired four floor street sounds that transport listeners to a summery evening in The Bronx, Spanish Harlem or Washington Heights. The diversity in sounds is delivered as only Louie can do. At times the audience can jive out to Hector LaVoe (“Mi Gente”) or Roberto Roena (“Good Things Cosa Buena”), which are actual collaborations with Vega. Or you can get close on the dance floor to the sexy and sultry sounds of Anané and The Elements of Life with a disco slash jazz twist in “You Came Into My Life.” The CD’s energy mirrors the actual energy of a Sunset Ritual night. 

Anané and Louie Vega both bring distinct musical choices to their first conjoined DJ mix release. However, unlike water and oil, their artistic choices gel together. They spread the message of love and unity, while allowing you to party like it’s a Saturday night, but in the sunset. Their collective purpose is to promote unity and fun through music. Their paths to arrive at this goal are distinct, yet the manner in which they come together is what makes them different. 

What further distinguishes this release is the included DVD, which features commentary from both Anané and Louie Vega and amazing scenes from their Sunset Ritual festivities. Viewers can expect an insider’s perspective on the Puerto Rican and Cape Verdean influences behind their concept and both DJs’ thoughts on what differentiates them. The DVD is divided intro three chapters; Chapter 1 is à la documentary exposé on the Sunset Ritual experience, Chapter 2 provides Sunset Ritual visuals to accompany the mixing of Anané and Louie, while Chapter 3 delivers wonderful testimonials by past guests at Sunset Ritual, which include David Morales, Duane Harden, Zepherin Saint (Tribe Records), Lisa Fischer, and many more. 
Sunset Ritual is about bridging people and styles of music in an artistic form while in the most amazing atmosphere and space to hear such music- on the earth and under the skies. Anané describes the magic, “We’re about bringing people together to create a vibe and an atmosphere, and a ritual of music that people get lost in. Between Louie and I and the different music we play, we take you on a journey.” And the DVD does just that! From exotic and exclusive destinations in Ibiza to Italy, the Sunset Ritual DVD serves as the perfect primer on what the experience is all about and the magic you can expect by attending their parties in the future. Plans for future Sunset Ritual destinations are also divulged, so be sure to watch the DVD when you purchase your copy of Sunset Ritual.


Anane Vega CD1

1. Anane & Louie Vega "Sunset Ritual Intro"

2. Agev Munsen Remix Feat. Anane "Ubatuba"

3. Alpha & Olmega Feat. Siyabonga Khoza "My Crying Soul"

4. Zinhle Feat. Busiswa Gqulu "My Name Is" (Renato Xtrova Remix)

5. DJ X-Trio Feat. Luzolo "Africa" (Filipe Narciso's Mix)

6. Monocles & Slezz "Umba Kayo" (Problem Child Ten83 Drummerville Mix)

7. DJeff & Silyvi Feat. Mamukueno "Tambuleno"

8. Pablo Fierro "San Borondon" (Canary Mix 2012) 

9. Pablo Fierro "Al Andalus" (Edmund Jazzy Vibe Mix)

10. Seyi Olagunju & Papy K "The Edo Messengers" (Antonello Coghe & DJ Garphie's Newgeria Mix)

11. Irfan Rainy & Baba Israel "Freedom Music" (Black Motion Aquarian Mix) 

12. Problem Child Ten83 "Barobosi Chant"

13. Anane "Plastic People" (Nulu DUB)

14. TLDREAMZ Feat. DJeff "Undi Da Ka Panha" (DJeff Kazukuta Remix)

15. Mzee Feat. Malatji "Ancestral Calling" (Rancido Deep Journey Mix)



1. Louie Vega Starring Duane Harden "Never Stop" (Red Zone Mix) 

2. Adam Rios Feat. Tiger Wilson On Keys "Distant Chords" 

3. Elements of Life Feat. Anane Vega "You Came Into My Life" (Roots NYC Long Mix) 

4. Ralf Gum Feat. Jon Pierce & Kafele "Never" (Louie Vega EOL Mix)

5. Louie Vega Starring Bucie "Angels Are Watching Me" (Roots Mix) 

6. Honeysweet "Big Bro. Esteban"

7. Honeysweet "Fort Greene's Theme"

8. Elements of Life "Barbara Ann"

9. Louie Vega Starring Roberto Roena "Good Things (Cosa Buena)" (Sunset Ritual Mix) 

10. Hector Lavoe "Mi Gente" (Louie Vega EOL DUB) 

11. Honeysweet "ATL"

12. Josh Milan "Thinking About Your Body" (Louie Vega Mix)

13. Terrance Parker Feat. Reno Ka "Finally (Baby Be Mine)" (Louie Vega Remix)

14. Louie Vega Starring Bucie "Angels Are Watching Me" (UN Old School DUB) 

15. Louie Vega Starring Jesse Jackson "Crack The Code" (Sunset Ritual Mix) 

16. Adam Rios "Deep Tech 5"